This website https://bise.pk/, in simply an information provider website and we neither offer any job nor are we hiring or recruiting for any agency. We strongly recommend the users to consider this website mere a platform where you can come and get information on different topics. So we would ask you not to mail us any of your documents. This website provides you information about the jobs available in defferetn countires of the world but we are not assuring you to provide you with any job or help you in getting the job. The only way of help that our website claims to provide is the informative help.

We also recommend you not to send money or send your original documents to any of the websites that claims to offer you a job. You should always consider things before doing any action and you need to know this that these websites and platforms can only provide you with job advertisements or information that will help you to provide these jobs.

If you have any questions or quires you are more than welcome to contact us. Our support team will be quite happy to provide you with your desired information as soon as possible.

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