Education in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with the most amounts of youth in it. If we get educated we will do more and more progress because the progress of n ay country depends upon its literacy rate. There are some areas in which the literacy rate is higher and some places have low literacy rate. Govt. of Pakistan is working very hard to increase the literacy rate in Pakistan. For this purpose, they are making schools and colleges in those areas in which they don’t have many education facilities. For example some areas of KPK, they didn’t have schools and other education facilities for female students but now the KPK govt. is providing education facility to the female students also. Education in Pakistan is directed by the Federal Ministry of Education and the federal governments. Article 25-An of Constitution of Pakistan commits the state to give free and mandatory quality instruction to offspring of the age aggregate 5 to 16 years. As we know, Pakistan is a progressing country; we can do more progress in every field if we go forward in the field of education. Biggest asset of Pakistan is its Youth. This Category is especially dedicated for the education in Pakistan. Here you can read all the articles about Pakistani education like the importance of education in Pakistan, Education of women in Pakistan, Phases of Education, Islamic education, Merit system and last but not the least special education. You are the student in Pakistan and want to search something about your student life; you can come here and type your topic in the search box. You desired topic will come on the top, click on it and read the article carefully. We really hope you will find the solution of the problem which you are facing. Education of Pakistan is not very tough, you can easily get thorough it with a little guidance. That little guidance can be from a person or teacher. Also we are here to provide you that little guidance you need to get a good start. We are adding more articles of your interest in this category on daily basis, so, keep reading!


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