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A kid has many phases in his/her life. One of them is studying. Studying phase can be very difficult for the students as well as their parents and teachers. Some students find it very hard to go to school daily and study daily. They don’t like to do home work and preparing their tests. In the situation like this, here comes the role of parents. Parents have a very important role in the study phase of the kids. They should make the kid’s study time interesting. They should teach the children in way that they don’t even know they are studying or learning. This category is given to the educational tips. You can find the solution of every problem you are facing. For example if you are going to school for the first time, you can come here and read the article about handling the first day fears. Also if you are going from middle to school you can make this transition very easy with the help of our articles. We have written articles about exam stress and how you can get highest marks in exam.

One of the any problems which are faced by the students at school level is bullying. If someone is bullying you at school you can handle the situation. Just read our articles about bullying at school. We have covered almost each and every topic related to school or college. If you are getting bad grades you can read here the article about the bad grades. If you fail in any class due to any reason, we have the article for you also under this category.  When you have any issue you can come here and read the article according to your need and find the solution of your problem. Education of Pakistan is not very tough. But there are some students who find it tough and some find it easy. One who find it easy they can also come here and read the article of their own choice. We have tips for the school going students college going students and also for their parents.

Student Life

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Study Abroad

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