High School

High school is the school which has the matriculation classes. In these classes the student feels very difficult to shift from middle to high school. Because in middle school everyone treat him or her as a child but suddenly, when he or she is promoted to class 9 everyone starts to behave like they are now adults. That’s why it becomes very difficult for the students to keep up with this situation. This category is wholly about the high school. If you are in high school and having problem like feeling difficulty in high school transition, you can come here and read in this category. In high school there is also an issue of bullying. According to a survey in Pakistan one of every 30 students is being bullied by other class mates. This is alarming situation for us. Least we can do is, write about it. Create awareness among the students about it. By keeping in mind we have written many articles about bullying also which you can read under this category. We expect so much from our high school kids, are you one of them? This category is for you. So what’s secondary school extremely like? Is there more work? More pressure? Will it be troublesome going from being one of the most seasoned center school understudies to one of the most youthful high schoolers? This category is especially dedicated to High School articles. In this category you will get to know about the High School transitions, how to get good grades at high school, how to get highest marks, how to manage time in high school and so many others like this. In case you’re having contemplation like these, you’re not the only one: Lots of other first year recruits are feeling a similar way you are, you’re all beginning in another place. On account of that, here are a couple of subjects that normally stress approaching green beans and a few things you should need to think about them. Please read our articles beneath to discover how you can get a smooth life during high school.

High School Fears

Transition to High School and How to Handle First Day Jitters Each fall, a great many understudies make a critical soul changing experience: they progress to secondary school from center school or mid…

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