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Pakistan has very well settled education system but it’s the ongoing trend that a lot of students are going abroad for higher studies. And the one who can’t go abroad has the wish to go to some other country to continue his or her studies. It’s because if the reason that foreign countries like US UK Canada China etc are giving very high level of education with a lot of exposure to their students. When a student goes to some foreign country he gains the confidence to walk in the crowd and know how to talk in front of the people. When a student wants to study in some foreign country, First he or she must have the study visa for that country. These countries have set some requirements and eligibility criteria for the students. The one, who fits in those criteria, can apply for the study visa or generally called student visa. When they have applied for the visa than the foreign countries’ embassy takes a keen look on that visa application and after checking the whole requirements fulfilled, they can accept or reject the visa application. Pakistan has very talented youth, there is no doubt about that but foreign countries have made this process of getting Visa very difficult. There are a lot of documents required for the student visa. If we have provided all the documents accordingly, than we have to wait to hear from the embassy, they will tell us weather our visa is accepted or rejected.

There are many reason due to which visa can be denied. We are here to guide you for the visa process and reasons of visa denial. We will also tell you about how to avoid those mistakes through which your visa is denied. Yu can overcome those mistakes with a little help or guidance. We are here to provide you that guidance. We have given this whole category to study visa, in which we have written articles about all countries visa requirements, process and visa denial reasons. We have also written about how we can overcome those reasons and go abroad for study.

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